BR Shetty

The National - Business Extra podcast: Exclusive interview with BR Shetty

An Exclusive coverage of Dr. B. R. Shetty in the Business Extra podcast recorded at The National newspapers’ studio. This is the first ever time that Dr. Shetty’s journey has been featured in a podcast. The interview lasting for close to an hour, is split into 2 parts.

In part 1: Dr. Shetty shares insights into his entrepreneurial life, building businesses in UAE, listing 2 companies on LSE, business values and ethics

In part 2: Dr. Shetty talks about Assam Tea Company, the ‘purpose’ of running a business, acquisition of Travelex amongst others

The National: Business Extra podcast: exclusive interview with BR Shetty part 1 – Sheikh Zayed’s vision and why Modi is great for Indian businesses

The National: Business Extra: exclusive interview with BR Shetty part 2 – Travelex, the power of tea and the Golden Card visa