“Always dream big, never stop dreaming big.”

“It pays to start the right venture at the right time and the right place.”

“If you believe in people, your people will believe in you.”

“Decide now and pay once; put things off and pay over and over.”

“Success means giving without expecting anything in return.”

“Always capitalise on any opportunities that come your way and have utmost faith in yourself.”

“It is society which nurtures you; it is your duty to give back to society.”

“Only when you share your success does it multiply.”

“It is in your private moments of solitude that you face life and its challenges.”

“Then as now, work is something that I enjoy, as other men might enjoy golf.”

“The satisfaction of surmounting a difficult challenge is the most fulfilling.”

“I want society to remember me as a man who cared for his fellow beings and made a difference in the lives of a few.”