BR Shetty


Philanthropy has always been an integral part of Dr. B.R. Shetty’s life journey. He has contributed generously and provided critical medical support during times of crisis, such as natural disasters, in countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India.

He is a keen supporter of differently-abled people, and has been vocal in supporting them and their families by providing them a platform for self-sustainability, for example through his support for the Special Care Center in Abu Dhabi.

In his native India, Dr. Shetty was an active participant in the National Cadets Corps at the school level and early in his career he contributed towards the welfare of the people in his local community of Udupi by serving as a Vice President of the Municipal Council.

In 2018, the Dr. BR & CR Shetty Foundation was launched in Bangalore. It aims to support underprivileged people in education, health, poverty alleviation and community empowerment. The Foundation is committed to participating in nation building activities by improving access to health and education for millions of people in India though an approach that is sustainable and inclusive.

Inspired by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet, in 2019 Dr. Shetty made a pledge to donate the bulk of his wealth to philanthropic causes. Making the pledge was a moment of great pride for Dr. Shetty, who hoped that his actions would encourage others to step forward, extend a helping hand and care for our planet and its people.

Today, all philanthropic activities carried out by Dr. Shetty and his wife are channelled through the Dr. BR & CR Shetty Foundation.