BR Shetty

Statement from Dr. B.R. Shetty

I travelled to India in February to be with my ailing brother who sadly passed away at the end of March, just as the pandemic spread across the world disrupting international travel.

While I was in India, our investigations started to unravel details of the fraud in NMC Health, Finablr and some private companies owned by my family. I said at the time that I intended to return to the UAE and, having filed a criminal complaint against the suspected perpetrators of the fraud in India, I am planning my imminent return to the UAE as promised. Reports that I had “fled the country” could not be further from the truth

The fraud has regrettably created huge challenges for the companies, causing great hardship for employees, disruptions to suppliers, and losses to shareholders including myself and creditors.

I would like to thank the UAE government, creditors, administrators and employees for keeping the operations of the companies alive during this pandemic.

I intend to support the UAE authorities and all relevant bodies to correct any injustice done to the companies, their employees, shareholders and other stakeholders and help find solutions to outstanding matters.

I have complete faith in the justice system of the UAE and look forward to the perpetrators of the fraud facing justice.